Hot Air Balloon Elopement, What Dreams are Made Of

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Brittany and Michael contacted us back in February of 2018 with incredible plans for their elopement. As adventurers ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to take flight with them on the most epic elopement we’ve ever seen.
Fast forward a few months, and a few military training reschedules later, we finally set a date in the fall. Being the perfectionists that Mandy and I were, we knew that we needed to go above and beyond-literally, for the sweetest couple we’d ever met. We set Brittany and Michael up with an incredible florist and décor for their after elopement picnic.
What I haven’t told you yet is that they chose to say their vows and exchange rings 1000’s of feet in the air in a HOT AIR BALLOON! We went up with them to document the entire thing, and it was the most magical moment I have ever experienced. The love and thrill they were feeling was indescribable and oh so beautiful.
A HUGE shoutout to Brenda Cruz for the floral design, Jess Sutton Hair and Makeup Artistry and an even bigger shoutout to the hot air balloon company that made the day so damn incredible, Rocky Mountain Balloon Rides (

We entered some of their images into a international photography contest, and took a whopping 4th PLACE out of 45,000 images!

Congratulations Brittany & Michael, we hope that every year is another incredible ride!

Jordan & Scott, "anything for you, babe"

Everyone at the wedding had smiles from ear to ear, because surely they knew that you’ll do anything and everything for the person you know you’ll spend your life with.

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Ice Castles turned Disney Princess


As a little girl, I think we all hoped to be a princess when we grew up. We had these fairy tales all planned out, from Cinderella to Snow White, the crowns and beautiful dresses made our hearts flutter. It didn't seem like such a fantasy as a young girl. Then as we grew, we learned that princesses don't always look so cliche. Their father may not be the King of all the land, they may not go to the ball, or even wear a crown. So what was it that made being a princess so appealing? Was it the beauty of the girl or was it the regality of her attitude? 
My job as a photographer is to take the way you feel and put it into a picture. This picture could be so many things. Maybe it's the love you have for your significant other, your family, or maybe it is the confidence you feel in your business. Regardless of what the image looks like, the most important part is that you see you in them. 

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So the driving question behind all these images is, "Where did the inspiration come from?"
The truth is, it didn't. It didn't hit me like a ton of bricks and scream "DO THIS!". I think with a creative mind, like hoping to be a princess as a little girl, we all wish to do things that are noticed and stand out. I built this styled shoot piece by piece and luckily, things just kept falling into place. The first thing I said when I saw this skirt was, "she looks like a princess". I ran with it. I knew that when building this shoot it was important that it wasn't cliche, I didn't want to buy her a crown or give her a $1000 dress to show off. What I wanted was to create a princess from very little. Even as an adult, we still want to walk into a room and be noticed. We still want to twirl in a skirt and have little girls swooning over our princess-like demeanor. But this shoot just proved that it isn't the price tag on the dress or the crown, but the way that we treat people, the confidence we carry within us. 

This styled shoot was not for me though. Let me explain this... 
Walking into the Ice Castles with a boat load of photography gear (I always overpack), skirts, shirts, and veils.. little girls and boys are running through the castles. As soon as Savannah (the gorgeous model in these images), walks through the entrance to the castle, every child and parent stops. We just made the dream real for every little girl (and mom, sister, and aunt) who's dream is to grow up to be a princess. I could barely take the first picture before a line of children swarm us to talk to her. This is how I knew I picked the right model. It was 14 degrees, Savannah is wearing a sheer shirt and a skirt, and she has now interacted with everyone who has came to her. She took at least 3 dozen pictures with little girls, a handful with some awestruck little boys, and a few with adult passerbys who were just as interested. There were lots of whispers about who she was, which for Disney's sake I'll leave that up to you to figure out, if the castle was her home, and if she'd be making a singing debut later in the day... which we never did get to. 
The point of all of this is that while I am so ecstatic about creating a vision that I didn't even know I had, it was 100 times more worth it to see the happiness that it brought with us. Being a princess was no longer just a dream, but a reality. 

“Some people are worth melting for.” –Olaf

Model: Savannah McCarthy
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Sutton | @hmbyjessica
Location: Dillon, Colorado
Wardrobe: Mr. Pretty Skirt |
Photographer: Blue Gill Photography | |

Featured on Looks Like Film
Published by A Princess Inspired Magazine and Blog

Wedgewood in December


Our last wedding of the year could not have been more perfect! Our lovely bride was praying for snow and even with the dry year Colorado has had, we made it happen! Okay, so we didn't have much to do with it, but we were lucky enough to get a light dusting in Black Forest. 

We met these two lovebirds this last summer at the penny arcade for a fun engagement session, eating ice cream and playing arcade games. We could not get over how happy and in love Kristina and Andrew were. Fast forward to their incredibly emotional wedding day in December...

Everything was perfect. The Christmas decorations at Wedgewood made for the sweetest holiday scene and the snow was the icing on the cake. Not to mention, Kristina brought a gorgeous fur overcoat that made her look like a beautiful ice queen. 



We were literally in tears watching Andrew's dad read the scripture he had chosen for the ceremony. This intimate wedding had just about everyone teary eyed before and during the ceremony and the emotions just consumed the room. 

The final request from Kristina + Andrew was that we create an image that fully captures the personality of the two of them. After getting to know these two, we knew there was no better way to do it then to put them directly in The Misty Mountains from Lord of The Rings! 

Congratulations Andrew + Kristina!