Meet Helena


Hi there! I'm Helena, co-owner of The Wedding Girls and owner of Blue Gill Photography. I graduated from UCCS in 2014, and graduated from WGU with my Masters in Education. I have a passion for life and adventure, and I love to keep it real. Life is about candid moments, time spent with each other, and DIY everything. I am a proud mama of two, Jesus believer, & Colorado Native. I love to get outside, hike, climb, jump from tall things, and explore places I haven't been before. I spend most my weekends in the mountain strapped to a snowboard and during the summer I spend time diving and by the beach.




I‘ve been shooting weddings for about 5 years, and previous to that I worked with little kids and families. Currently, I teach at a high school in Colorado Springs, and am an adjunct professor at PPCC. I teach multimedia graphic design and photography 120. When I’m not at school or shooting, I am out on the kayaks, hiking the incline, or with my family. My goal as a photographer is to get you to be you, show me your you. The best part about working with The Wedding Girls is we’re a DAMN good time AND we’re going to give you some killer images, or a heartfelt film that you’ll laugh and cry while watching. We thrive on raw… raw emotion: feel it, show it. We’ll help you. If you think we may be a good fit, check out the Contact page and lets get at it!