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We are The Wedding Girls, Mandy & Helena. We are best friends and business partners. Together we created The Wedding Girls, a wedding, engagement, and couples centered photography business. We work so well together because our styles are similar, but our creative eyes are different. This is a huge bonus for our clients. Essentially, for the price of 1, you are getting two experienced and fun photographers & videographers.

So why should you choose us? We are UNPOSED adventure photographers. We wait for moments, not instructions. You can be sure that we will capture the way you felt and that you will experience that same feeling every time you see them.  We get out of the box! We're willing to get in the river, hike up mountains, or take a kayak through the lake. We want what you want. You will feel like family here at The Wedding Girls, we're available day or night and want to make sure our clients feel that we are always there. 

Check out our individual bio's to get to know us a little better: 

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